The above demo video for GenoFight was recorded on a computer
running an android simulator using a mouse instead of touchscreen.
Platform:   Android 2.2+
SDK:          Corona SDK
Language: Lua
Tools:        Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Notepad++

GenoFight is a side-scrolling RPG for the Android mobile platform. Gameplay includes platforming elements, turn-based pet battles as well as pet breeding & evolution. The story revolves around a young microbiologist who has discovered a way to speed up evolution. Unfortunately this research is stolen by an evil scientist who plans to use it for world domination.

GenoFight was developed by 4 people, Cody Greene, Tu Nguyen, Justin Uy, and myself over a 10 week period in the fall of 2011. We collectively worked on a design which led to the creation of our main design document which spanned 35 pages. Development of GenoFight was segmented. As a result, I was charged with creating the side-scrolling module which included:
-Designing and programming side-scrolling functionality
-User Interface design and implementation including multitouch
-All level design, art and programming
-Transfering between town, side-scrolling levels and battle.

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