About Me
My name is Sean Murphree. I recently graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I've been enamored with computer my entire life. Ever since my experience with my mother's Apple Mac+ System 1 I've wanted to spend my time on the computer. It wasn't until 6th grade when we gained access to the internet in our home that I truly started programming. Starting with basic HTML and javascript, I moved on to learning simple scripting languages such as perl and eventually php. In the mean time however, I spent a large amount of time both playing video games and learning about computer networking and security. My interest in networking and security blossomed as I engaged myself in internet security games design to emulate real world situations (such as Hackers Lab, SmashTheStack, and HackThisSite). This led to my introduction to the wonderful world of linux. Once exposed, I was hooked, eventually having a home network of 5 computers, between Linux, Windows and Mac operating Systems, hosting player run servers for several of my favorite games as well as hosting my own websites and email services.

Through my education I was lucky enough to get to take Cisco networking classes in highschool which covered the CCNA curriculum. These classes provided hands on experience designing and implementing complex networks using Cisco equipment that has stayed with me. This information was built upon when I took the computer networking course offered at UCI. That course offered information on the structure of network protocols as opposed to real world implementation experience and taught a theoretical basis that expanded upon the information I had previously acquired.

Here at UCI I've been lucky enough to take many classes which have exposed me to many subjects such as computer graphics, security, networking, AI and databases. In addition to subject matter, my experience has helped me learn how to generally and systematically approach, analyze and solve problems in computer science.

Ideally, I would like to use these skills and the information I've learned at UCI and over the previous 12 years in an environment which combines my love for networked video games with my passion for problem solving to solve challenging problems such as those found in the areas of computer security, graphics and networking.

Other than computers, another great passion of mine is cycling. Cycling entered my life in 2008 when I discovered Team Type 1, a diabetic cycling team which motivated me to get my first road bike to help better manage my own diabetes. Since then I've joined the cycling team at UC Irvine, on which I've now spent a year racing and riding with some wonderful people. Cycling has been a wonderful addition to my life, it has both helped me better control my physical health and has taught me to overcome the most mountainous of challenges (litterally).

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