Language: HTML/CSS/PHP
IDE: Notepad
Link: was started in 2004 as a personal website. It was an opportunity to use my self taught web programming skills to make a blog and small portfolio. A mysql database was used for the blog and the design of the site was split among multiple files for modularity benefits. Comments were of course supported, though surprisingly enough I had to create a CAPTCHA system due to spam comments even on my small site.

A few old programming projects can also be found on the BoxCoder site. Some are php web-apps users can download and easily install on their website. Others are frankenstien monsters of C and perl, now a decade old but previously used to check server statuses and reboot any servers that have stalled or hung (a bug in 2002 Never Winter Nights Linux game servers).

BoxCoder hasn't been updated since about 2007, and probably will never be again. But, it's a useful snap-shot of previous projects, work, and passion.

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